Our Farm's Story

Goette Farms was started in July 2013 when Brandon and Erika tied the knot!

We have grown and expanded from 7 head of commerical ewes to about 100 head of ewes and 20 head of cows!   We finish all of our lambs and calves on a conventional grain diet, while sourcing all our feedstuffs as locally as possible!  We have been able to source over 95% of all of our feedstuffs within a 100 mile radius; including distillers grains (by product from ethanol production) and sweet corn silage (by product from canning corn).  We direct market all of our lambs and cattle as USDA inspected cuts and larger bundles.  

Currently, you can find our lamb on the menus of 8 different restaurants in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota!  We hope to be able to expand and be able to offer beef to restaurants as well!

We consider ourselves a 1st generation cattle and sheep farm, however we are no strangers to agriculture!  Erika grew up on a dairy in west central Minnesota and Brandon grew up around row crops in southern Minnesota.  We both have degrees in agriculture and are strong supporters of helping to educate consumers about production agriculture.  If you have any questions about our farm, production practices, or any other general agriculture questions we will do our best to try and answer!  If we don't know the answer, we will find someone who does! 

Our Farm Help consists of a couple of future farmers who already love spending as much time outdoors helping that they can!  Kora is currently 2 years old and we can find her playing with our border collies and any babies that we have or else she is busy stomping through the mud puddles!  Kaleb is 6 months old and loves watching all the action around the farm!  

We look forward to getting to know each of you, and hope to be your go-to when you purchase locally raised and produced products!

~Goette Farms

Brandon, Erika, Kora & Kaleb

Christmas 2019
Christmas 2019